I was so unprepared for what I was going to watch tonight. Ep 12 of Aldnoah Zero, Zankyou no Terror, and Tokyo Ghoul back to back

and shit’s been going down for ages but now it’s hit the fan in all of them, simultaneously with character deaths everywhere. 

Oh my god, I’m still reeling but I have to get up and work tomorrow noooooooooooo

full moon dog
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full moon dog







i feel as if this blog is going to culminate into something that will be simultaneously spectacular and horrifying and i feel like we’re accelerating towards that point very quickly right now

When my renders fail, I sometimes just come on here to stare at the 7th picture


I thought I knew where this was going but

Aldnoah Zero

School might THIS close to kicking my butt but I’m on a mission to get everyone to watch aldnoah zero so I can stop freaking out over every episode alone. 

I think ever since the end of gundam seed destiny, I’ve always wanted to see another just as good mecha show. There have been plenty which I’ve more or less given a try. Break Blade, Macross, etc… but A/Z is by far the most entertaining one. 

I love the writing for this show - turns out the writer is the same guy who did psycho-pass, so if you like plot twists that kinda hurt (in a good way) then go for it!! (he also wrote madoka magica, but I never got into that.. haa) Sound track is also amazing- same people who did attack on titan, but I think mechas and spaceships have a more justified warrant for epic music. 

So watch Ep 1, it’s a lot of dialogue bc the plot’s trying to catch you up to speed, but the payoff(s) are so very worth it. 

WAHHH. Ep 8, damn. 

Looking For A Sound Designer!!

Hey everyone! Upon returning to school, my thesis partner are back in the trenches of producing a computer animated cartoon short for our thesis. The project would span from now till April 2015, when we turn in our film before graduation. We are looking for a sound designer to work with us, as part of a paying gig. 

Some examples on other short films or experience would be much preferred, since my partner and I are the opposite- this is the first time that we’ll be making a film haha. 

Alert boosts would be much appreciated! Or references to someone you know who might be interested to take us on. Just send a note, with your email and I can get back to you from there :)

Thanks guys!!

Anonymous Explains TLoK Ending

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Anonymous Explains TLoK Ending


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whoah, left san francisco just in time before the earthquake

it was like… losing my apartment keys a week into the internship… and finding them in my backpack on the last day als;dfjk


I didn’t even realize we were nearing the finale but hot damn- I really really felt blown away by those last two episodes. GAhhlasdkjf Too many feelings, I can barely handle them plus leaving the internship behind today

must recuperate 

oh my god korra. ;o;

Psst. It’s chiou’s bro. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows my sister and everyone who has purchased and/or admired her work. It means a lot to her, and especially during busy and tough summers such as this one, your support has helped her in more ways than you know.

So thank you again and please enjoy the rest of your summer!

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